The Zoner's Family


Brandon M. Scrushy, President & CEO, is the eldest son and pizza-experienced sibling that moved to Texas to head the family business. Brooks was the next to join in day-to-day operations by joining Brandon in Houston. Brooks has been preparing to take on the National VP role by managing regional locations.

Brandon & Brooks Scrushy's sisters - Melissa, Marinda, Chloe, and Gracie - plus the youngest son, Jaden, are all partners in the Zoner's corporation along with celebrity athlete and businessman, Herschel Walker.


 The Zoner's Family consists of more than just the Scrushy siblings and reaches far beyond Houston. The licensed locations across the nation are mostly owned/operated by families. "It's part of the reason we do this..." says Brandon M. Scrushy, "Togetherness. One of the best feelings in the world is looking at a pizzeria dining room full of families eating and laughing. It's even better when you turn around and your own family is in the kitchen." 

"Family is a major reason behind our choice to license instead of franchise. It's a whole lot easier for a family to open their own neighborhood pizzeria this way. We help them live their dream. My family and I dream of Zoner's growing while retaining - and fostering - the soul and charm of each individual restaurant. Licensing is currently the best way to fulfill those dreams without compromise." - Brandon M. Scrushy

Brandon M. Scrushy, President & CEO of Zoner's Pizza, Wings & Waffles.


"We are committed to excellence across the board - from branding to location cleanliness to maintaining positive family atmospheres to the major focus on high quality customer service and food." 

"For example, we serve JUMBO Chicken Wings. Fresh ones. They're locally sourced. The wing market is all over the place, too. Each of those factors increases costs far beyond those of the low-quality wings served by our competitors, yet we continue to hickory-smoke only the best, locally-sourced, fresh JUMBO chicken wings every day." 

"We refuse to compromise on quality. This is why we continue to make our pizza dough in-house daily and why you can find me personally cleaning, tossing dough, serving customers or mixing-up batches of my homemade ranch and other family recipes in a Zoner's location every day. I am focused on retaining the quality, purpose, and soul of our restaurants first and foremost. Zoner's is a family business - across the nation - and I intend for it to stay that way, no matter how much we grow." 

- Brandon M. Scrushy